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Integrated Teaching is as the name suggests is an integration of all three teaching methods.
If you particularly enjoy studying grammar or need to revise certain grammatical points then the perfect teaching solution is our on-line training method. We have created three distinct grammar levels, basic, intermediate and advanced. Each grammar point begins with a details explanation. There are test exercises for you to print out. When you have finished studying you can take a grammar point verification test. Your scores are recorded in your personal account, so you can build up a history of your progress. If necessary we can devise personal study plans for you to follow. Contact us for more details.
The advent of the Internet, and moreover the increased access to cheap phone and video calls, has permitted us to offer courses where the teacher and student don't have to be physically present together. The advantages mean that there is much greater flexibility in the timetable, the student and/or the teacher can be anywhere in the world as long as they have Internet access. Whole courses can be conducted using this method but students require at least Intermediate English to communicate successfully through this medium. We have, however, found that Real Time Teaching is great supplement to the traditional Face to Face method. If for example you need to travel a lot for work, this is a fantastic method to continue your course until you have the opportunity to have your next Face to Face lesson.

We believe this is the most effective teaching method. When student and teacher are face to face you have much stronger communication, which goes beyond the spoken word. The better the communication, the greater the involvement and commitment of the students thus leading to better results. In this situation the teacher also acts a language coach encouraging and motivating students. Courses can follow a specific course books, or if your level and needs require, pursue a more varied and personalised course. Whatever the level or course, in addition to the face to faced sessions, we advocate the importance of students exploring and discovering the English language for themselves through reading and other activities.

We offer a professional translation where the quality and accuracy of the completed language translation is the main goal, all delivered with accuracy, speed and at a competitive price. The most important factor in reaching these objectives is the use of well-educated, motived native translators (those, born, raised and educated in the target language and culture), ensuring correct language usage and style.

We currently offer translation services from Italian to English and English to Italian in the following areas:
* Technical - user manuals, engineering diagrams, safety and maintenance reports
* Financial - financial statements, annual reports
* Scientific - chemical, biological, environmental, pharmaceutical
* Marketing - brochures, websites, printing advertising, newsletters, menus
* Literary - booklets, newspaper articles, textbooks
* Legal - Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions

Confidentiality is also very important. Many of the documents we handle are of a sensitive nature, and therefore clients must feel confident that any information will be handled with proper attention and care.

Our pricing is represented by one rate which includes:

* use of native, well-educated and experienced translator
* editing, formatting and proofreading of each file
* project management and administration

Pricing for translation is determined by:

* the number of source words and language
* the complexity of subject matter
* the time required to complete the assignment
* documentation type: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Quark, Pagemaker, Illustrator

For a quote please contact us directly.

For more information please following this link.

:: Step 1 - Initial analysis

We carry out a needs analysis so as to determine the best possible solution for your company, regarding training requirements, learning times, course sizes and the best didactic method for the language training in question. In drawing up a programme, we work closely with the HR director and the personnel department, developing realistic goals and objectives for the courses.

:: Step 2 - Implementation

The courses are then put into practice, following the agreed timetable. All teachers are mother tongue. We define mother tongue as someone who was born in a recognised English speaking country and has lived there for a minimum of 15 years, of which 10 have been spent in education (school, university, etc) or someone who was born outside of an English speaking country but have English speaking parents and have spent 20 years in an English speaking country, of which 10 have been spent in education.

They stimulate the students to actively participate in lessons, and motivate them to draw on personal experience and discover the language for themselves, rather than passively memorising concepts. The use of audio sources and materials guarantees that the students, when necessary, have access to different accents and linguistic varieties, including English speakers from non-English speaking countries, such as other European countries. Timely reporting is given through out the duration of the courses, including a record of the students' attendance, individual progress and feedback regarding any issues which arise during the course.

:: Step 3 - Final consultation

Upon completion of the course, an in-depth analysis is presented to you, offering feedback on the courses as a whole, and individual reports on the students for the courses, taking into account progress made, contribution, attitude, motivation, etc.

Our methodological approach works at different levels because training projects are aimed both at individual members of staff and your whole organisation.

We start from a careful analysis of individual needs and a systematic study of all the possible variables that your company may encounter in its professional field. As a consequence, development is cyclical, in that the professional growth of individual members of your company's personnel strengthens and transforms the company as a whole.

Individual training includes stimulation based on direct experiences and dealing with problems linked not only to personal motivation but also aspects of an individual's background knowledge. The Learning Centred Approach which we use takes into consideration three key areas:

1) necessities – both of your company and the individual
2) lacks – deficient areas
3) wants – areas of interest

We offer companies a programme of training activities focussing on a variety of resources whose objectives are professional growth and the transference of competences through the use of a variety of training methods:

face to face training
real time teaching
on-line training (in development)
integrated training (in development)
Globalisation in the last 10 years has had two significant effects on business.

Firstly English has become one of the main languages in the business environment. English is now an important, and in some cases, a critical channel of communication. To maintain a competitive advantage with clients, or to help and improve communication within multinational organisations, companies around the world are now requesting courses of the highest quality, at the highest levels, approaching that of native English speakers, and a greater degree of specialisation.

Secondly, increased competition in the market place has put greater demands on time and resources at companies' disposal. As a consequence, more than ever before companies are looking to ensure that the lessons deliver value for money. In addition companies are now also asking for greater flexibility in the course timetables and innovative learning methods.
We can satisfy your company's needs by providing quality and value for money.

Our teaching focuses on:

* General English: beginner levels and above
* General Business English: taught by teachers who have real business experience
* Specialised Business English
* Preparation for the exams of Cambridge and TOEFL

The courses build students' English knowledge across the five areas of reading, listening, speaking, writing and use of English for vocabulary, giving participants the knowledge and confidence to put what they learn into immediate practice.

We also offer different learning methods which allow students to take control of their learning experience. There are one to one courses, group courses all with mother tongue teachers. Specialised modules to help students grow and develop their knowledge in specific areas of business. On-line learning, 'Real Time Teaching©', on-line revision banks, and the ability to put your acquired knowledge into practise with other students through the message board.

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