Business Introduction

Globalisation in the last 10 years has had two significant effects on business.

Firstly English has become one of the main languages in the business environment. English is now an important, and in some cases, a critical channel of communication. To maintain a competitive advantage with clients, or to help and improve communication within multinational organisations, companies around the world are now requesting courses of the highest quality, at the highest levels, approaching that of native English speakers, and a greater degree of specialisation.

Secondly, increased competition in the market place has put greater demands on time and resources at companies' disposal. As a consequence, more than ever before companies are looking to ensure that the lessons deliver value for money. In addition companies are now also asking for greater flexibility in the course timetables and innovative learning methods.
We can satisfy your company's needs by providing quality and value for money.

Our teaching focuses on:

* General English: beginner levels and above
* General Business English: taught by teachers who have real business experience
* Specialised Business English
* Preparation for the exams of Cambridge and TOEFL

The courses build students' English knowledge across the five areas of reading, listening, speaking, writing and use of English for vocabulary, giving participants the knowledge and confidence to put what they learn into immediate practice.

We also offer different learning methods which allow students to take control of their learning experience. There are one to one courses, group courses all with mother tongue teachers. Specialised modules to help students grow and develop their knowledge in specific areas of business. On-line learning, 'Real Time Teaching©', on-line revision banks, and the ability to put your acquired knowledge into practise with other students through the message board.

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