Process Steps

:: Step 1 - Initial analysis

We carry out a needs analysis so as to determine the best possible solution for your company, regarding training requirements, learning times, course sizes and the best didactic method for the language training in question. In drawing up a programme, we work closely with the HR director and the personnel department, developing realistic goals and objectives for the courses.

:: Step 2 - Implementation

The courses are then put into practice, following the agreed timetable. All teachers are mother tongue. We define mother tongue as someone who was born in a recognised English speaking country and has lived there for a minimum of 15 years, of which 10 have been spent in education (school, university, etc) or someone who was born outside of an English speaking country but have English speaking parents and have spent 20 years in an English speaking country, of which 10 have been spent in education.

They stimulate the students to actively participate in lessons, and motivate them to draw on personal experience and discover the language for themselves, rather than passively memorising concepts. The use of audio sources and materials guarantees that the students, when necessary, have access to different accents and linguistic varieties, including English speakers from non-English speaking countries, such as other European countries. Timely reporting is given through out the duration of the courses, including a record of the students' attendance, individual progress and feedback regarding any issues which arise during the course.

:: Step 3 - Final consultation

Upon completion of the course, an in-depth analysis is presented to you, offering feedback on the courses as a whole, and individual reports on the students for the courses, taking into account progress made, contribution, attitude, motivation, etc.

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