Who we are

We are an English company focused exclusively on the English language. Beyond that, English Power is difficult to pigeonhole.

We cannot be labelled just as another English school because, as well as providing traditional classroom-based and online English courses, we are also consultants for planning, strategy and organisation of company courses and resources. In addition, we partner everyone who is involved in the teaching of English by providing free learning materials through our website. This holistic approach permits us to be at the cutting edge of both teaching practices and student needs from the feedback we receive.

We pursue the teaching excellence. How? By providing motivation, personalized innovative didactic tools and materials for ourselves and others to ensure the individual is learning the language. We are where teaching meets innovation.

Our experience also helps us offer an outstanding high quality translation service (from English into Italian and from Italian into English).

Here is an overview of our wide range of services:

- Traditional classroom-based courses (latest methods)

- Online courses

- Real Time teaching (video and phone courses supported by our online learning material)

- Blended Learning courses that combine the advantages of elearning with face to face teaching

- Free online grammar reference with practical examples

- Free useful exercises related to each grammar point

- Free graded reading comprehension texts with comprehension questions and answers (with the possibility to receive the texts to your email by subscribing to our monthly reading comprehension newsletter)

- High Quality Translation

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