Business English

Given the particular demands put on those who work in international business, characterised by the immediate use of the acquired knowledge, we advise the study of English with a business course. The framework necessary for learning the basic grammar is adapted to the working environment, in preparation for the student to use the language independently in a practical use of the language.

In this respect, students acquire greater ability in English comprehension, both written and spoken, develop better fluidity, feel more confident in their ability to communicate as well as being introduced to significant cultural facts and differences, which are important in the environment of international business.

The general aim of these courses is to communicate to the students a better knowledge of the English language as used in the international business environment.

The course objectives on the whole are for every participant:

1. to reach the next knowledge level of English from pre-intermediate to advanced level.
2. to learn to communicate with English characteristics in social and professional situations.

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