Web Site Translation

While English is regarded as the language of the Internet, recent studies into web trends have shown that:

  • Over 50% of web users speak a native language other than English
  • Over 150 million people access the Internet in a language other than English
  • Web users are four times more likely to make a purchase from a site in their language
  • Visitors stay three times longer when visiting a site in their own language

Therefore if your site is only in one language you are restricting your audience by at least 50%. Web site translation is one of the most cost effective ways to reach new markets. Many companies and organisations have already realised the immense benefits of having their websites translated. However website translation presents its own problems, such as differing file formats, editing program code and adjusting graphic text.

Our methods remove the painstaking need to copy and paste text to and from your site to allow translators to work on it. We work directly with the source code, thus ensuring a complete translation of your web site, improving site compatibility and search engine registration.

Website translation will be carried out by qualified translators in your given field who will have experience of marketing to ensure that all of your key messages are not lost in the process.

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