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Elementary - The Passive

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Lezione di grammatica inglese online per studenti di livello elementare - Una spiegazione del passivo con esercizi stampabili.

Positive and Negative

present simple

past simple


is (not)
are (not)

spoken in Italy.
made in China.
cleaned yesterday.

was (not)
were (not)


present simple

past simple

Where is (not)
are (not)

the post delivered?
English spoken?
Toyota cars made?

was (not)
were (not)

1) We use the passive form to say what happens to people and things, to say what is done to them.
The past participle of regular verbs is -ed.

  • The office is cleaned every day.
  • My children aren't helped with their homework.
  • The project was completed on time.
  • When was the telephone invented?

2) There are many common irregular verbs. For the complete list see Irregular verbs.

  • English is spoken all over the world.
  • Fiat cars are made in Italy.
  • Those houses were built 80 years ago.
  • Where is Coca Cola made?
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